Is sorghum the grain of the future? 

Well, it certainly is very resistant. Sorghum can grow in a variety of conditions, even in deserts. It can survive droughts and doesn?t need much external input to grow, which indicates that it will be very useful to us in the future. 

Sorghum is a grass from sub-Saharan Africa. Hence the heat tolerance. 

Is sorghum nutritious? 

Yes! It is high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein. 

Bonus: sorghum is gluten free!

What are sorghum?s aliases? 

Milo and durra. 

Is sorghum sweet?

The stalks are! You can squeeze out the juice in the stalks and boil it down to become a thick, sweet syrup. 

The ground grain may also have a mild, sweet taste. 

What is sorghum primarily used for? 

Animal feed! 

People feed: flour, porridge, popcorn, syrup, spirits. 

Note, there are specific varieties of sorghum that are suited for either animal feed, syrup or grain production.