Pasta of Emmer

60,00 kr.

Pasta of Emmer is our golden oldie—a solid ancient wheat. As a pasta Emmer, comes to your enjoyment in an uncomplicated form. Bringing to mind words like rich, deep and kind. #stoneground

You’re welcome to pre-order as many bags as you like. Order before 14:00 if you want to pick Emmer up from noon the day after.

The Pasta

Pasta of Emmer is a warm, creamy and nutty experience.

  • Serve with umami flavors.
  • Perfect with mushrooms, aged cheese and kombucha.   

The core ingredients.

Local organic Emmer wheat grain, slowly stone milled to preserve its essence — the nutrients.
No strange numbers.
No free rides.

The Grain

Emmer is an old grain variety. So old that it is referred to as one of the ancient grains. It was cultivated from around 9700 BC in the so-called Levant, an area within the Fertile Crescent that translates into Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon today.

Emmer is more popularly known as farro, and closely related to durum. It is rich in resistant starch, minerals, fiber, carotenoids, and antioxidant compounds.

The Farmer

Jacob Jørgensen used to be a social worker, who helped and collaborated with homeless people. The part where they went out to do farm work was rewarding for everybody. Eventually, one thing led to another. Today, Jacob owns and runs Lammehave Økologi—an organic farm on Falster—with eight employees that have special needs.

The 32 acres that encompass Lammehave Økologi grow older and ancient grain varieties. But they also grow vegetables, and clover for the sheep. Jacob practices some regenerative farming principles. For example, his chickens range free amongst the farm’s fruit trees during the days, where they forage, peck and fertilize.

The farm has its own stone milling facility, where the grains are stone ground. This gives, as always, a tastier and more nutrient-dense product of very high quality.

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