Pasta of Pop Viola

60,00 kr.

Pasta of Pop Viola has a neutral and sweet taste that goes well with strong-willed toppings. The purple color is anthocyanin, a mega powerful antioxidant, also found in for example blueberries. #stoneground

You’re welcome to pre-order as many bags as you like. Order before 14:00 if you want to pick Pop Viola up from noon the day after.

The Pasta

Pasta of Pop Viola has a round and lightly sweet savor. It carries strong and dominant toppings, made of explosions like chili- and Sichuan peppercorn, with ease and grace. Like that coach who manages to transform the hot-headed kid into an Olympic gold medalist.

The core ingredients.
Local organic Pop Viola, slowly stone-milled to preserve its essence — the nutrients.
No free rides.
No strange numbers.

The Grain

Pop Viola has a nutty and round flavor. The bran is less bitter than other wheat varieties, which helps bring out its soft and lightly sweet savor.

As a purpur wheat, Pop Viola gets a lot of its character from its violet-colored bran. That is anthocyanin, the same substance you find in blueberries and grapes. It is a powerful antioxidant that possesses antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-obesity effects and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Pop Viola is an organically bred purpur wheat variety. Purpur wheat has ancient roots that trace back to The Fertile Crescent. In this case, specifically in the area today known as Ethiopia.

Pop Viola from Vild Hvede is bred by Ph.D. Anders Borgen, an organic seed breeder on Jylland. He brought Pop Viola to life from different parent lines, including Copps Purple Marker, Pent, and Purple La Provision. It is patiently bred to be what Vild Hvede calls “a modern landrace,” organically adapted to thrive in Denmark.

The result is a purpur winter wheat variety that pops on your plate and on the fields.

The Farmer

Vild Hvede is an organic and regenerative grain producer and micro miller in northern Fyn, led by the duo Emilie Hansted Berning og Ingeborg Jespersen Pauls. They are craftswoman dedicated to bringing out each grain variety’s full taste and nutrient profile. This means they pay an equal amount of attention to soil microbiology, and soil sequestration, as they do to milling.

We like to compare these superheroes to the world’s best coffee producers and roasters. Like them, Vild Hvede does not leave anything in the grain and flour life cycle to chance. 

The whole grains are stone milled. As little as possible is sifted since they want to keep as much fibers as possible without losing the flour’s baking quality. Finding the right balance is an intricate process. But they rise to the challenge every time.

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