Pasta of Uhre

60,00 kr.

Pasta of Uhre is a twisted crowd pleaser with a smooth and buttery taste. #stoneground

You’re welcome to pre-order as many bags as you like. Order before 14:00 if you want to pick Uhre up from noon the day after.

The Pasta

Pasta of Uhre has a satisfyingly smooth and buttery taste.

The core ingredients.
Local organic Uhre whole grain, slowly cold milled to preserve what’s holy — the nutrients.
No strange numbers.
No free rides.

The Grain

One day around 40 years ago, a local farmer on the Jutland peninsula stumbled upon this peculiar looking wheat. He had noticed a bearded variety standing taller than its surrounding, clean shaven, wheat cousins. The farmer, Per Hummeluhr, eventually traced its origin to Scotland, where it had first come into being around 200 years ago. And since it seemed unbaptised, Per decided to call his rediscovery Uhr(e) after the three last letters of his surname.

It is not difficult to understand why Per Hummeluhr decided to preserve it by cultivating it. Uhre, although it yields relatively lower, has a high protein content and a is smooth and buttery taste, with excellent bread baking and pasta crafting qualities. The kernels are fewer but bigger, which gives Uhre its distinctly white color.

The Farmer & Miller

Our Uhre variety is grown, harvested and milled by Kristian Andersen, at Kragegaarden on Fyn. Kristian became a a certified organic farmer in 1987, and practices regenerative farming principles with cover crops, crop rotation and (until 2020) integrated livestock.

He is an equally crafted stone miller. The grains are slowly cold milled on demand. Most of the kernel, including the germ, is kept, which gives his flour a shorter shelf life. The trade-off is a tastier and more nutrient dense product of extremely high quality.

Kragegaarden is partly powered by locally generated electricity from the farm’s own windmill.

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