… agriculture will revert back to supplying its surrounding communities more, if not completely.

Joshua Felciano, Pasta Maker, California.

If you were a grain, which one would it be?
I’d be King Desert Durum  
Whole-grain or not?
A hybrid. I would be 99% whole grain. 1% of my largest bran would be donated to a local baker, distiller, or a family member’s breakfast. 
What does your grain alias pair best with?
Butter, parmigiana, salt.
What role do you play in the grain economy today?
I travel the world – unfortunately to be turned into pasta. Some of those medium pasta producers (Bayview Pasta) use us and help lower the carbon footprint of a trip across the world. *This is Joshua answering as his grain alias. In real life, Joshua runs Bayview Pasta in San Francisco.
And in ten years?
As we enter times of more attention to our planet and our effects on it, agriculture will “revert” back to supplying its surrounding communities more, if not completely. *This is King Desert Durum speaking again. If we could choose, Joshua would be making delicious pasta for at least another decade.
Show and tell:
When making laminated pasta (classic table pasta roller with electric or hand crank), use a wood surface that you have cleaned with soap and water. Not only will you have a clean product, but your table will be hydrated and extend your window time to make the pasta. This works particularly well when making filled pastas like ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti, etc.  

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